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Letter from Carmen: on the Light

Letter from Carmen: on the Light


I will tell you what I know as far as my mind can grasp it:

God made the light to create everything. The first being made out of light are angels. And even God dwelled with the angels. The second idea they had was to transform themself into some kind of cristalls so they can shatter the light and reflect each other in the other one by sending light through each ones cristall. This made them realize that by such experiments they can find out who they are. And so egoism was born which is the will to know something about oneself. Egoism drove us into more and more idiotic projects in which we fell deep meaning to a low level of light manifesting ourself as materia. Materia normaly does not take in light but in rejects it. And by this rejection we forgot who we really are. We called this kind of game in which we fall down limbo. I did not know that this is indeed a religious name. The word was given to me by God. He said to me that limbo was a game in which we fall to this low state. And everyone in heaven called it 'to dance the limbo', because as cristalls we danced too as it made the light sparkle around us.

The spiritual world has it's own language which only gets reflected in a hurled form in this world. Spiritual words mean something else then when you hear them here.

Dance is a spiritual motion. Fall means to forget about God and your true nature. Low and High are spiritual states. Falling leaves are those who fell too far apart. When you let in light by inspiration you start to see the light and the spiritual world.

Anyway we normaly have a wake up function which calls everyone back home after a certain period. But the problem is that this time we have fallen so far that some deny to wake up. They rather choose to stay in their dream were they become more and more violent. The wake up call was like this: People who are inspired create musik and videos. And the light fills it with high quality light. And so we weak up. But some created due to their sleep videos of less quality inspired by their own heart and desire. And they filled it with the wrong message. And now there are several groups believing in those alternatives:

1) Aliens will come and get them
2) People are trapped in the matrix
3) People need to fight the system and start a war
4) People need to fight a holy war

3 and 4 are definitly the most dangerous groups. Because they are pretty violent. And since they are like somehow awake they believe that it does not matter what they do because they will send people back home anyway... which is somehow true... but then again not... because after we are fully awake the plan was to use creation in order to fully awake start to create here and use all possiblities of this world in order to find out even more about us until we one day reach a point when we will be ready to leave this project by letting the universe collaps.

See... Aristotle was right when he said that earth is the center of the universe. He was even right when he said that things do emerge in this world by abiogenesis. Evolution theory is wrong. Earth is indeed not older then 6000 years. Right now we are coming to consciousness and the more we do things around us change. This is so because everything is a hurled object from spirituality. The more we come to consciousness the more we see the true nature of things... like colors... When an object is filled with a lot of God's inspiration it is like golden, shiny and/or even white. Sometimes it has the color of a rainbow and sparkles. The less filled it is the darker it is... and the things of the 'evil inclanation' even have their own colors... which look like neon colors...

Yes... God will come... what I know is that he is already 'falling'. I was very close in the spiritual world to God. The bible calls me Metatron and the Jews call me Shekinah. I am the cristall with the form of a Merkaba. I was the cristall which broke Gods light and created color. Now that God is falling I will spread his light into the world to awaken people again. But the problem is the more I do the more aggressive people become. As I said we have problems with group 3 and 4. And what I need is purified people around me that protect me. Because they will try to kill us, Victor. In our state of acceptance of light we are Israel. And everyone else represents the evil inclanation. And to them we appear hostile.

We must bring this to an end... and we must unite. Because the more people unite and become part of the light the more light we can send out and the faster the process is.

And that is all which I understand right now... It might have mistakes... because you cannot take in all the light at once. For me it is a process of development aswell.

Victor Christianto
*Founder and Technical Director,
E-learning and consulting services in renewable energy
**Founder of Second Coming Institute,
Twitter: @Christianto2013, Line: @ThirdElijah, IG: @ThirdElijah
***Papers and books can be found at:

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