Senin, 20 November 2017

The Age of Repentance

Shalom brothers and sisters in Christ, below is my email to a Professor in Italy.. he is Christian, but does not believe in the concept of God's wrath..

Dear Adriano

"Christ brought the age of Grace. Full stop.
There is no "age of repentance". I repent when  I realize I've harmed someone (
most of times unwittingly), friend or not.
 And there is no age of wrath, of course!"

Who says that there will be no wrath? Have you read the whole Bible, jncluding Revelation?

God told me:

Christianity without faith
Faith without deeds
Deeds without repentance
Repentance without repairing
Repairing without listening to God
Listening to God without obedience

That is the problem of Christian people in our generation.

That is why it was written that the Judgement will start with the Church..because many people falls because we Christians did not do enough to convince people that after grace, wrath will come.

And Prof. Akira, i agree that Protestant church made mistakes. So did the Catholics and Charismatics and other denominations too.

I am not defending a particular denomination.

We should strive for unity of the body.of Christ.

I am glad that we do not discuss about physics problems, that is one thing.

But, Adriano, i would urge you to work out for experience God. Read blackaby's book

Humbly yours,

Victor Christianto

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