Best short movie: 2+2=5

shalom para sahabat.

ini ada film bagus 2+2=5....sangat layak disimak dan sangat aktual...nominated for short film Bafta award 2012. 

Lessons from the movie: "I believe this video touches 3 major aspects
1. How dictatorship and tyranny work. (Operant conditioning in psychology jargons ) 
A person of authority and power as the teacher here in the video, uses his power to make people submissive and support whatsoever he idea he pitches. If not the person receives death threat as punishment.
2. Our beliefs and behaviors are shaped by what has been repetitively told to us and also by observation of the behavior and beliefs of people we consider "models", as the top students here were represented. (Observational learning of behavior) 
3. When a person strongly believes in something and stands for it despite all adversities, he leaves an "impact", may or may not be strong enough to stand against the powerful forces publicly but enough to inculcate silent rebellion." 


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