Sabtu, 06 Agustus 2016

A new book: Christology Reloaded

Yes, you are right: I am a fan of The Matrix Trilogy movies. And I just completed a new book, inspired in part by that movie. But not only that, I am also inspired by a book written by Chris Seay, with title: The Gospel Reloaded. It is full of new thought provoking ideas based on The Matrix. The basic idea of this book is that it is possible to develop a new cosmology model inspired by Cosmic Christology. In other words, Christology is not a separate matter from science.
From Christology as starting point, I began to develop various approaches based on wave physics, which I call: “fractal vibrating string.” Through this new cosmology model, I wish to offer a new path for dialogue between science and theology. Moreover, it offers a new and fresh approach to understand the bible in this modern age. I sincerely hope that you will like this new path, as I like it very much.

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