Minggu, 23 Oktober 2016


Shalom, good morning brothers and sisters. This morning I was blessed to attend a seminar by Pastor Steward Moulds. The topic is how to become missionary church.
Before attending this seminar, I thought our small church will not be able to apply what he is going to teach because we are so small.
But I learned a new word here: huparcho. This word is from Luke 8:1-3.
There were women surrounding Jesus ministry who served Him with all they have, be it richness, time, energy etc. That is huparcho: whatever in our possession.
Jesus does not ask a small church to do evangelism like the big churches, but He asks us to do it with our huparcho: whatever in our hands.
That is also the lesson from Jesus's miracle to feed 5000 people. His disciples believed that they cannot do anything for the hungry flocking people. But Jesus said: you must give them food.
So, are we ready to give our 5 breads and fishes?
Let us start to do evangelism with our weaknesses, with our huparcho.

God bless you

Version 1.0: 24 oct. 2016, pk. 11:24

Note: thanks for Pastor Steward Moulds from Garam Budaya

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