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Relativity Theory against basic Logic

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From: Akira Kanda 

Einstein took another passage to God. He pushed this humane created
relativity theory which denies the absolute replacing it by relative.

Naturally he ended up with the problem of the Principle of Relativity
which was the last ditch effort to rescue the inevitable collapse of the
world view of Relativity. He reduced the relative motion to just constant
speed motion and yet, he ended up with the Time paradox and length
paradox. I debunked their last ditch effort to defend their relative
theory by showing that Einstein's proof for time dilation and length
contraction comes from a thought experiment which also contains a
contradiction. Einstein either did not see this or he deliberately ignored
it to make a case. In either way Physics must repent! [I am talking about
the train power pole thought experiment].

Naturally Time Dilation deduced the so called Twins paradox. Physicists
excuse was pathetic. They used acceleration to "debunk" this paradox. They
said, one of the twin goes out and come back and so he went through
acceperlation. According to them this prevents the paradox of each of the
twins see the other younger. What kind of brain the self-proclaimed King
of Science has? Their reasoning is much worse than elementary school
student's reasoning. I call it disgusting "freemason's reasoning".

1. Special Theory of Relativity works only under the assumption of no
acceleration. This is to protect the Principle of Relativity.

2. Granted it was possible to use acceleration accepting their STR
dynamics which is supposed to deal with accelerating frames without
violating the Principle of Relativity?! Use brain a little more. Again
even an elementary school science student will understand that when both
twins move away completely symmetrically and come back, we still have the
problem. Each will see the other younger.

3. They do not notice that this thought experiment has to discuss the
situation where two twins do not stop and meet. They have to assume that
they pass each other at very close distance.

I have no more time to baby sit these totally spoiled masonic morons who
take themselves too seriously. What kind of nerve do they have to call
themselves the King!? Enough is enough.

As a mathematical logician, I will tell these masonic morons exactly how
they reason and why it is all wrong.

They assume 8=1. From this they rightly conclude 7=0. Now they proceed,
1=0. Then they conclude x=0. Thus they make a stupid claim that all
numbers are equal to 0.

As a man of God, Newton knew all of this nonsense and so he completely
shut down the empiricism. Empiricists did not see anything wrong with this
kind of reasoning and they used it to get whatever they want. In most
cases, things like 8=0 was "induced" from incomplete and mostly invalid
experiments. All serious logicians know that we can don't conclude
anything from experiment. This was clearly warned by Popper and Kuhn. The
king of science had no intellectual capacity to understand the warning.

Another stupidest mistake of freemasons. It was the stupid Dutch man
called Lorentz who panicked when he discovered that the Galilean transform
of wave equation is not. Idiot, Galilean transform of a wave function is a
wave function. This is what led Lorentz to obtain this fake transformation
called Lorentz transformation, with which Einstein screwed up the entire
physics world. The reason why Galilean transformation failed to produce
wave equation when applied on a wave equation is simple. It is because
wave equations are not correct representation of waves.

It was Prof. Urquhart a mathematical logician, who said "Physicists have
no logic." So true! of course he refused to say it publically for the fear
of witch hunt by Physicists who controls Western Academia!



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