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10 changes Jesus will bring

By Tim McHyde

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Big Changes When Jesus Returns - Including Pets Gone Vegetarian

Since my last email to you, my world has frankly been turned upside down. Our autistic firstborn Zachary, 23, had to be taken to the ER due to not breathing well after some vomiting and fever. Rather than it being a mere flu, he had pneumonia and sepsis. This has landed him in the ICU where he is on a breathing tube and IV antibiotics. He literally almost died and the doctors are still not happy with his labs a week later (very low thrombocytes). I would appreciate your prayers for him. You can read the details, updates and answers to FAQs on this post for him. Thank you.

In extreme trials like this, I find it essential to deal with all lies and other negative thoughts (fear, worry, guilt, etc.) by rebuking them with positive truth from Scripture and reminding yourself of God's past good to you. As well, I find it comforting to remember that my son's fallen health condition, is temporary, just as how all of this world's fallen condition is temporary.

I know that because Bible prophecy tells us Jesus will "restore all things" when he comes and basically set up a utopia that is free of war and Satanic deception. This includes no more autism, healthier food and environment for healthier bodies (and immune systems). I believe we will also see God's healing when people get sick much more than we do today. That truth of prophecy comforts me and I hope it comforts you, too.

But there are other curious changes coming as well, such as your pet's diet...

Read on review the ten changes in the Millennium, including vegetarian pets and the return of animal sacrifices (find out why)...

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