Minggu, 22 Oktober 2017

URGENT Message from GOD The Most High

here is the message from GOD The Most High to all human beings in all nations and tribes on Earth: Time is up. God the Most High is very angry to all human beings on this Earth. Because almost nobody live properly and in holiness in the presence of God. The Wrath of God is coming very soon. Only few will be saved. The era of gracefulness is over, now is the era of Repentance. Live properly in holiness and fear of God, fast and pray and repent from all your sins. If you repent, then do your best to repair your mistake. Ask forgiveness to Jesus Christ, My Son. That is the meaning of living in holiness and fear of God. Return to GOD, all corners of the world! Because I am good and full of mercy. (Tell this message quickly via all possible devices to everyone around you in as many regions, and nations, and tribes, and languages. They need to be saved too.)

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