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What God promised to tell me to do as the Elijah for the End of Times.

What God promised to tell me to do as the Elijah for the End of Times.

*And now He fulfill His promise, because this is the end of Times.

Note: Believe it or not, this article was written very carefully under guidance of Holy Spirit, because I do not know the meaning and unprepared to become a prophet of God. But thanks God, He is full of mercy.

God call me in Oct. 2009 as His prophet in order to prepare so many people in His body of churches and nations for the End of Times. Before that, God asked me three times: "Do you love Me? Then shepherd My lambs." And I replied, "Yes, God. You know that I love You." At the time, I remembered that classic conversation between Jesus and Peter in John chapter 21. I tried to see how the relation of Jesus's question to Peter and God's question to me, but it is mystery.
Initially, I was so enthusiastic with this unexpected job from God to become His prophet, and at the time, a part of me said that it is a very rare job offer.
Why? Because I have not been before being an employee at governor office, or president office, then suddenly God offered me a coolest job possible: to be His prophet to prepare many chruches in the world for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Who will not be moved by God when He come and touch you? Just quickly recalled a few of them who were so moved by God the Most High as recorded in the Holy Bible: Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Samuel, David, Elijah, Elisa, Daniel, Ezekiel, Jeremy, Isaiah and also Mary, Elizabeth, Peter and other first disciples, and Paul and then many people of God since then.
Like believers of Azusa Street Movement in California around 1906-1908, who were so filled with Holy Spirit, then they decided to buy one way ticket to go to so many different countries. They did not have any mission body backup or any foreign language preparation to go to other nations, but they did it because they were so moved by God.
So did I, without a plan at all, I decided to stop from my work, and moved to my parents' hometown in East Java, Indonesia, because God told me to serve back in my local church where I grew up with since my childhood.
I was not prepared at all to do such an immense task of being His prophet to reach so many people from all nations in the world. But I just believed that God will prepare me to fulfill His calling.

Each day between 2009-2011 God help me to write many pastoral letters. Then I tried to send those letters to some institutions and international newspapers via emails. Numerous emails were sent. But all were rejected, probably that nobody care about preparing for the End of Times.
As a result of that failure, in the beginning of 2011, I felt some kind of frustration of my situation. Therefore, I stopped my morning activities like writing letters.
That was my mistake: "frustrated."

God prepared me
Then I began to take a post-graduate theology education in my hometown.
Along my study of theology, God teach me so many things through all lecturers and also friends whom I met during classes.
He prepared me for doing an impossible job as His prophet.
Thanks God for helping me to complete this theology study.

After graduation day, I began to look for new jobs. But my effort to get a descent ministry job, failed miserably. I did not know exactly what should I do?
This was when I became gradually follow too many distractions. I worked on other things without seeking God's face in my life.
That is why I lose focus on how to fulfill my task as His prophet in the End of Times.
That was my mistake: "distracted."

How I fall again
After loosing focus on God's calling to become His prophet, I became so distracted and getting more distracted. I did not spend one hour in each morning to sit in the feet of Jesus to listen to Him anymore.
I became totally forgot my calling as God's servant to prepare His churches for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ which is very near.
Then I fall again into my old habits such as spending too much time for leisures etc.
Practically, I leave behind God's way of living. I was totally lost, but I felt that I was doing fine. I did not know that I have made terrible mistakes to God the Most High.

God saved me again
Then, suddenly in one morning last week (16/10/2017), I woke up and felt very weak. I cannot eat and almost cannot walk, and I did not know what was wrong. But deep inside my heart, I realized that there should be a reason for this illness.
It was really painful, and at a point I felt that I was going to die. But God spoke to me: "Do not worry, you will not die. You will live."
Thanks God, after two days I can walk and then meet a doctor, then she gave me a prescription. Then after taking pills of that prescription, gradually I got back healthiness and getting into recovery.
In Friday morning (20/10/2017), I can eat a plate of hot rice again. I felt so happy and relieved.

God renew His calling to me
In Saturday morning (21/10/2017), I felt much better and fully recovered from illnesses.
Around afternoon, suddenly Holy Spirit spoke to me very fast, continuously, just like a flood. I realized that I have made terrible mistakes to God.
In essence, God is very angry at me. Yes, He love me but He is very disappointed because I almost did not do anything properly during the last 8 years since 2009 to prepare His churches all around the world for His Second Coming, which is going to take place very soon.
I realized that I was frustrated, then distracted, then became completely lost of His way.
I was so blind then I have failed Him again.
But praise God, He is very full of mercy and forgiveness. God forgive my mistakes and stupidity, then He renew His calling to me to become His prophet for the End of Times.
Now, I am completely born-again. (Read the Gospel of John, chapter 3).
And now I am fully committed to not fail Him again. I decided to focus and follow Him only. I will devote my rest of life to listen to God each minute, each hour, day by day.
I know that God want me to grow up in inner spirituality and getting mature in spirit, and become a child of God. God promise to guide me, teach me, and lead me minute by minute, so I can fulfill my calling as His prophet in the End of Times.

That is a story of a totally useless servant.

"So likewise ye, when ye shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are unprofitable servants: we have done that which was our duty to do."
(Read Luke 17:10.)

I was appointed to become God's prophet in 2009, but I got frustrated, distracted, go astray, then totally was lost and fall again. I did not do my calling properly as a prophet of God the Most High.
But thanks God, He is very kind and full of mercy to a wreck like me. He renew His calling then offer me a second chance to be His prophet.
Now I am bornagain, completely new, and fully committed and dedicated to fulfill my calling as His prophet in order to prepare His churches in all nations and tribes in this World for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Thanks to God the Almighty, for giving me this second chance to become His prophet.
I will not fail Him again. God help me and guide me to fulfill this immense task.


Monday night, 23 October 2017, pk. 23:36

from a useless servant of God,
Victor Christianto


*Urgent Message from God the Most High for all nations and tribes:

"This is the message from God the Most High, who reign from eternity to eternity:

God the Most High is very angry to the entire world. Yes, all of you, all people from all nations and all tribes, including all governments both small and large. I, God the Most High, created and own all living beings in earth, all entities and objects in earth, all water and land and oxygen and sky, including all of you human beings, both live and dead.
Deep in your heart, all you know that you should worship God the Most High, with all your heart, all your sould, all your mind.

"Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind."
(Matthew 22:37).

But all of you do not live properly with full respect and fear to God the Most High.
After waiting for all of you since long time, now I decided to end it all very soon. All people from all nations and all ethnics and all languages should know very well that the End of Times is very near.
The Wrath of God is coming very soon to your world. Therefore, all of you should prepare for these Wrath. Only few will be saved.
The Age of Gracefullness was over, now begins the Age of Repentance. Therefore, all of you should repent, pray, fast properly, turn back from all your evil ways, then come to Me, God the Most High, as quick as you can.

Return to God, o all corners of the world. Period."

Note: All children and servants of God the Most High who have heard this message from Me, God the Most High, have obligation to translate it to as many foreign languages as possible, then copy it as multiple times possible, then distribute this message to as many people with all accessible languages as possible, with all forms of telecommunication and information devices that are available to you (telex, facsimile, cellular phone, smart phone, tablet, radio, television channels, email, twitter, instagram, and many others), as quickly as you can: to all your family and wifes/husbands and children, to all your relatives, to your office friends, to municipal employees in your towns, to your government officers, to your presidents or kings or queens, to all police officers, to all military officers, to people in villages in remote areas near your town, to all native tribes in remote areas and high mountains. All people from all nations and all ethnics and all languages should know very well that the End of Times is very near.


Added little note: Why me?

To all readers who are still asking questions like: Who are you? And Why are you chosen to become a prophet of God?
A simple answer is that : me do not know, either.
But allow me to tell you a little background of me, just as per necessary.
I was just an ordinary boy. I was born in a small town, around 1969.
Then I took back school, and when I was young boy, I liked to sing in a church choir, and school choir.
Nothing really special in this period, except that one morning when I was 9 or 10, my father gave us a challenge: whoever can complete reading the Bible book thoroughly from Genesis to Revelation within one year, then he will give a gift.
At the time, I was quite motivated, therefore since then I spent each night to read the Bible competely. I started with Genesis, and moved one chapter by one chapter, until I finished in around a year with the book of Revelation.
Then I talked to my father that I just completed the Bible in one year as he requested. But my father has completely forgotten his challenge one year before, and he did not say anything to me regarding this.
But it was okay for me, then I moved on with my life.
Then I took junior high school (1981-1984) and senior high school (1984-1987) in the same local hometown.
Again, i was ordinary boy, nothing special in this period, except at age around 17, somehow I became more interested in religious matters. I started to attend night class sessions in church. The classes were about how to do evangelism properly. I attended that classes each week regularly, then gradually I decided to take more time in private bible study. I started to study the Bible, and put notes on each chapter that I was studying. The notes began very simple, then gradually these notes become more and more lengthy. I was more and more absorbed in this activity, until I almost forgot to do daily tasks like attending classes, etc.
At a point, I realised that I cannot complete this immense task of writing Bible commentary of the whole Bible. Then I stopped it.
Then I started to realise that my college study was at the brink of failure, so I decided to catch up, and focus on my study until my scores were getting improved, and finally I completed bachelor in technical study in September, 1992.
Afterward, I went to Jakarta to start work as a civil engineer. That was the beginning of my career as engineer.
I can continue this story, but you will find it very boredom. So I must stop it here.

As conclusion, God is very good to me, and He really took care of me. He is the Good Shepherd. I shall not want. Read Psalm 23.

The story above was actual short biography of me
This article was written under special guidance of Holy Spirit

23 October 2017, pk. 23:02

From a useless servant of God,
Victor Christianto
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