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HANDS OFF FEMALE RIGHTS! -- on transgenderism propaganda

(FATHER FRANK'S RANTS Rant Number 788 bis, 3 October 18)

Women's rights are under attack. By male chauvinist pigs, rapists and hideous abusers like Harvey Weinstein? Nope. By the British government. It considers bringing in a loony law called 'self-sex-ID': the triumph of a twisted 'transgender ideology'. Any man would on demand get his birth certificate reissued in the opposite sex, just like that. The 'Fair Play for Women' group, a female rights outfit, campaigns against it. And for good reasons.
'You are the gender you like to be', transgender ideology asserts. A silly but harmless libertarian statement? Hardly. If it became law it would allow a bloke with suitable self-sex ID to access spaces hitherto reserved for ladies. From loos to some sporting facilities. Services a woman might choose to be done by a female – from mammograms to rape counselling - could be run by a 'woman' who is actually a man. Even an imprisoned rapist might be able to get transferred to a women's prisons!
Transgender dogmas rule the roost in Britain. And they claim sacrificial victims. After a 'Kafkaesque trial', Helen Watts was booted out as a Guides leader for voicing her worries over the real dangers of transgenderism. Such as biological males sharing tents and lavatories with girls. Lucy Bannerman, writing in The Times, ducks the issue. The Trans movement has been hijacked by bullies and trolls, she says. So she distinguishes between Trans activists and the (pseudo-worthy) cause itself. Actually, the risks 'Fair Play for Women' highlights are not created by Trans zealots. They are implicit in this lunatic metaphysics. When the authorities contemplate turning transgenderism into law, bullying becomes state policy. QED.
Trans fanatics don't care about biology. Natural physical characteristics you were engendered with – genitalia, chromosomes, hormones, bodily shape, bodily hair – are irrelevant. Presumably they can be altered – a human body is to be 'sculpted' like a statue – at will. (Not in the case of chromosomes: it can't!) As Dr Ryan Anderson writes in The Daily Signal, the weird zealots' attitude to the natural body is reminiscent of ancient Gnostic dualism. The exact opposite of the doctrine of the Incarnation, which affirms an intrinsic unity between body and soul. 'With my body I thee worship', the husband says to the wife in the service of holy matrimony in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. As a parish priest officiating at marriages I still recall the glow on the spouses' face when those words were uttered, a glorious celebration of the physical aspect of that sublime sacrament.
'Get them young and they are yours forever'! An old Jesuit slogan stressing the fatal hold of education on young minds. The gender theorists have latched on to that. They want vulnerable young children to be taught their nonsense. School kids are learning that their natural 'birth' sex is optional. They can embrace whatever sexuality they prefer. As young children are generally impressionable, easy to influence, you can see the potentiality for mischief in something as obnoxious as the classroom 'Gender Unicorn' graphic device, as Dr Anderson points out. It peddles Trans ideology as an expression of free choice. 'Your feelings constitute your reality', that's the absurdity they wish to brainwash kids with. As if an 80 year old man who 'felt' like a youth could then merrily approach teenage girls. Guess 'reality' would soon hit him in the face, like a brick!
You'd expect Christian leaders to draw the line and combat these pestilent ideas. No, a fool called Graham James, allegedly bishop of Norwich, speaking on behalf of the House of Bishops, backs a church service to 'mark a gender transition', modelled on the service for Baptism! Is it surprising the Church of England is a joke? In terminal decline, its churches increasingly made redundant, its congregations dwindling and its national influence virtually nil? Archbishop Welby wants cathedrals to become 'temples of fun'. Maybe people will come in to laugh at him and his fellow mitred asses. Crying bitterly over the moral and spiritual collapse of a formerly great and honourable Church would be a more appropriate reaction.
Pope Francis, to give him credit, which I don't often do, has called teaching gender ideology in schools something 'terrible', 'a war against marriage'. He has quoted Pope Emeritus Benedict who spoke about an 'ecology of man'. The analogy is with the natural ecology of planet Earth. That has to be respected. Nature can be manipulated at will only at the cost of environmental degradation and catastrophe. Similarly, human beings have their own natural, God-given male-female ecology. Seeking to disrupt that precious balance issues in disaster – as transgenderism menaces to do.
The battle is not for Christians only. Muslims too have reasons to be worried. And Jews. And Buddhists – that former icon of liberalism, the Dalai Lama, occasionally makes pronouncements that indicate he is not such the soppy, Zeitgeist character as his Western devotees like to pretend. There is real steel in the man.
Not all is lost. There is still a bit of time – till 19th October. The lunatics can be stopped, at least temporarily. Do access the brave resisters' website – www.fairplayforwomen.com – and, using their easy guide, register your opposition to changing the Gender Recognition Act. As their leaflet intimates: do it! For your mum, your daughter, your sister and yourself.
Revd Frank Julian Gelli

note: this article is posted here with the generous permission of Father Frank Gelli.

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