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5G Gigantic health hazard

5G Gigantic health hazard: Discussion by Dr Barrie Trower & Sir Julian Rose


Dr. Trower mentions the fact that 5G will cause 720 factorial different kinds of maladies to happen to humans, in a short while. 5G must be stopped. It is genocidal and ecocidal. The fact that China is rolling out 5G should concern the Chinese populace. All 5G technology should be destroyed and made permanently illegal.

Then all the WiFi and 3G and 4G need to get taken out. They are disastrous as well, but not nearly as bad as 5G. 5G is a microwave weapon system which was banned by international treaty which was constructed in the 1970, prohibiting microwave weapons. The US military abandoned those treaties, and many other weapons limitations treaties, during the GW Bush administration, just prior to the invasion of Iraq. 

There are perfectly safe ways to communicate that do not require high frequency radio broadcasts. If you want portable communications, go to QM and aether physics methods, relying on deviations from the expectation values of quantum noise in the Schrodinger equations, for example. 

The foundational circuit was designed and constructed and tested by me, in 1992. It works. So where are we now? Nothing has happened with it, since that time, because no one will fund the required holographic AI software development.

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