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On Japanese occupation during WWII

On Japanese occupation during WWII

Shalom, brothers. Today, allow me to share with you on our recent online debate via emails with Prof. Akira Kanda, an eminent Japanese logician/mathematician who now resides in Canada. To protect his identity, I will not disclose here where he is now.
Among other things, he tries to convince me that Japanese military occupation and involvement during WWII was to liberate Asia-Pacific regions from 500 years of Western colonization.
I tried to respond calmly that what he says as liberation force was in turn becoming a cruel oppressor which is worse than her predecessor.
Here are three emails from him, I share with you in complete, so you can judge on your own the historical reliability of his information.
Since I am not a historian of WWII, I refrain from making comments beyond what I know as a native asian. My reply can be read below his emails.

Hopefully you will find the following conversations are at least stimulating.

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My first opening email:

Dear Prof. Kanda
Is this thesis referring to your novel? Are you also a novelist?

Email 1:

Victor, I am not a writer. Since I learned that my language was not
Japanese but Ainu which was destroyed by US puppet Japanese government, I
decided that I do not like Japanese language at all.

Considering the situation in the last two and half decades, I decided that
I will be explicit on the crime against humanity committed by the West
especially UK and USA, the evil empire thugs, borrowing their language. I
have never seen anything as vulgar, offensive and Demonic than this
Anglo/American thug culture. Vatican did the right thing to classify the
USA as the anti-Christ. Long time ago, when one of the cardinal visited
the USA and when he tried to deliver a speech out door in the Mid West,
lightening struck his table. Vatican got the message from God and since
then they considered USA anti-Christ.

My Jewish friend who is a lawyer told me that America is paradox. I think
it is correct. As this list is to discuss paradox, I am going to
intensify the paradoxical thinking of America. I am going to set up a new
topics specializing on this.

I cannot connect to the link you gave me for some technical reason. So, I
do not know what this Indian scholar is trying to discuss. But I can state
my view on Japan/India relation.

Regarding India, one thing Anglo/American "Christians" never want public
to know is the fact that Gandhi publicly said that he was inspired by
Japanese who stood up against European colonialism. There are some
historic facts which are related to this episode of Gandhi.

1. When Japan "marched into" Vietnam, there was no bullet fired. French
colonial government were thrown out of Vietnam by Japanese Army. When
Americans "marched into" Vietnam bullets came from all directions.
Vietminh and Vietcong were all created by Japanese Army when they lost the
WWII. Japanese gave weapons and trained soldiers. The same story with
North Korea. When WWII ended, Japan helped to create North Korea and gave
them weapons to fight against the West. North Korea now is the only
country who use old Japanese military songs for their own military songs.

2. In Indonesia, Japanese made a history in creating Indonesian National
Army recruiting young Indonesians to fight against European colonialists
for independence. Japanese gave weapons and trained soldiers. An "invader"
did this. The day Japan surrendered, the leader of Indonesian National
Army Gen. Sukaruno declared the independence of Indonesia to prevent Dutch
recolonizing Indonesia. The Independence Declaration was documented with
the date which used ancient Japanese Calender (Kigen Calender) which
starts with the date when Japanese Monarchy was established about 2,500
years ago. 30,000 young Japanese soldiers volunteered to stay in Indonesia
to fight against Dutch/British invasion to recolonize. After 5 years
struggle, Indonesia defeated British/Dutch Imperialists "Christian" thugs.
most of the Japanese soldiers who volunteered to defend Indonesia lost
their lives for the independence of Indonesia. There is a national
monument in Indonesia to commemorate the Japanese soldiers who died for

3. It is a myth that India gained Independence because of the famous
non-violent civil disobedience. Gandhi was a diplomatic front of India's
Independence movement. That UK and Dutch formed a joint force to
recolonize Indonesia clearly proves that UK had no intention of giving up
India because of the peaceful protest by Gandhi. It was "Indian National
Army" who defeated British Army which was totally exhausted by fighting
Japan in the WWII.

4. Indonesia's first President, Sukaruno was thrown out of Presidency by
a military coupe organized by America. He was replaced by Indonesian Nazi
general Suharuto who committed all possible war crimes in his presidency
which lasted three decades under the protection of the US government
including Carter's administration. Brutal murdering of 4 million Chinese
in Indonesia, the most intense genocide in history in East Timor's etc.

As Ainu, I consider modern day Japan a puppet of the evil empire of the
USA. It was the order which came from the US government which made Japan
colonize Ainu's land. Before that Tokugawa granted self-governing
territory to Ainu. It was America's "Christian" Imperialism which
destroyed our people and our culture.


Email 2:

It is true that Japanese army got corrupted and ended up with colonizing
some countries in Asia. But that Japanese army helped the independence of
Indonesia is a fact. Everything I said is correct and factual. Also it is
a fact that the US and pro US group of Indonesia created the worst fascist
regime in South East Asia which carried out the slaughtering of Chinese in
Indonesia and East Timore's native people. It was Indonesia's "hero"
Suharuto's act which non Indonesians wants to talk about. Indonesia still
remains one of the most corrupted repressive county in East Asia! This is
the product of the corrupted USA and Indonesia herself. Indeed, Sukaruno
turned to Soviet Union for security and economic corporation. This clearly
shows that there was a serious concern about the coming back of the
Western colonialists to Indonesia. India did the same thing for precisely
the same reason. These two countries are the most powerful nations in
South East Asia as you know well.

The problem is such that Japanese for whatever reason does not want to
repeat the same thing unless ordered by the USA and it is the West who
wants to recolonize the entire world. It is lack of understanding of true
history which is disturbing here. The fact which can not be denied is that
for what ever reason, the Japanese invasion of EAST ASIA ENDED THE 500
criticism on this 500 years colonization of East Asia. I do not like
biased cowardly act. I clearly criticizes Japan's colonization of Asia
during the 6 years of WWII. There is no criticism on 500 years
colonization of Asia by the West. This is the problem. Yes the problem of
boots licking by coward!

I am no friend of Japan. I denounced my Japanese citizenship in protest to
the racial discrimination I suffered. But I am not so self-centred to
ignore the crisis we are in as human beings. For that Japan has little to
do with. it is the West who is causing the problem! It is called
globalization which means recolonization. It is time to discuss what is
happening now.

To begin with I am sure that the corrupted boots lickers in Indonesia
should reevaluate the modern history of their country and think about what
to do next. At least your neighbor country Philippine decided to go
independent from the West. They never forgot what the USA did to them.

One more thing to remind you. Your country Indonesia after removing
Sukaruno under the order of the USA decided to build even closer tie with
Japan and Suharuto really sold out Indonesia to Japan! It was Japanese who
destroyed the tropical rain forests of Indonesia. This also was done under
the order of Indonesia's friend USA. The only difference is that Japan
after the WWII does not want to invade other countries sending troops. In
fact Japanese have no military force. They have a small one and call it
self-defense force. This is a big difference between Japan and Germany.
Recently Germany invaded Yugoslavia and Libya and destroyed these
countries for whatever reason. They are sending their troops to the Baltic
States and Ukraine.

If you have more facts to discuss, let me know. I am more than wiling to
discuss this history. After all what is interesting is that Japan helped
both India and Indonesia to become independent. India appreciate that but
apparently not Indonesia. I was told that Indonesia also appreciated
Japan's role in her independence especially after Japan lost the WWII.
After Indonesia gained the independence, did Japan colonized Indonesia in
the way the West did for 500 hundred years? What do you
say about 500 years colonization of Indonesia by Dutch which killed tens
of millions of Indonesians. It also was the case that Dutch destroyed
native agriculture and caused starvation among Indonesians just like as it
happened in India. Indians are still very resentful about British who
colonized India and murdered so many people. They bare still anti-West and
they maintain close tie with Russia. They proudly say that "If you want to
learn about British Democracy, come to India, we will teach you." I wonder
what makes this difference between India and Indonesia. Do Indonesians
forget easily? I am asking you what about 500 years rooting and genocide
of Indonesians by Holland? I wonder why Sukaruto came to Japan after the
War and left a message "Independence is not just a matter of a nation. it
is the matter of all humanity." His words are inscribed in a monument in
Tokyo to commemorate his visit to Japan. Yes it was USA who ordered
Indonesian military to carry out a cope to oust Sukaruno. Was he a bad
person and Suharuto is a hero of Indonesia? Sukaruno never subjugated
Indoneasia to Japan. For Sukaruno, Japan was a trusted friend who helped
him to kick out Dutch colonialists. So are you saying that Sukaruno should
have never fought the independence war for Indonesia. He was not
"Christian." He was "Muslim" as you know. So, does it mean that he was
wrong by definition? Ironically it is your hero Suharuto who subjugated
your country to Japan, the second largest economy in the world at that
time, under the order of the USA. He sold out Indonesia to Japan and the
USA. Ah as long as it was not Russia it is OK?!

I am asking you Victor, is it something conceivable that an invading
country gives weapons to the local people and train them to fight with the
advanced weapons. When US invaded Japan, they did anything to remove
weapons from Japanese.

Finally no matter what, without the 30,000 Japanese young soldiers who
gave up their life to free Indonesia from the Dutch colonialists who were
trying to recolonize Indonesia after the Japanese surrender to the
Western allies, Indonesia is still Dutch colony.

I will discuss more on the nature of the Pacific war going back to the
history of the time. As totally expected most of the "history" on this
matter is all fabricated for the convenience of the western colonizers and
the USA.


Email 3: From Prof. Kanda to Sergey

Are you saying that Dutch colonization of Indonesia for 500 hyears is not
the problem. Are you implying that Indoensia should stay as a colony of

The following is what I replied to Victor. Respond to this if you have
anything to say. WWII? What do you know about history? Japan was invading
China way before the WWII? Learn the history before making hasty response.

I will explain it to you if you have interest in facts and real
discussion! Up until Japan refused to run the puppet nation of Manchuria
with USA, the Anglo/America was in close alliance with Japan. They wanted
to use Japan as a disciplined force to stop Imperial Russia, yes your
country, to expand to the East Pacific. It was the US who financed the
Manchuria rail way for example. Korea was annexed by Japan under the order
from UK as Anglo/America had to stop Russia coming down to the south
through Korea.

During the WWI, Japan was rewarded by UK for defeating Germany in the Far
east. What Germany in far East? The bloody criminal European colonialism
in Far East. During the Russian revolution which was all orchestrated by
USA, Japan was ordered to invade Imperial Russia from the far east side to
weaken Russia. The so called Russia Japan war was all orchestrated and
financed by US and UK to defeat Imperial Russia. As a new comer to the
West, Japan had no technology and money to build a navy to defeat Russian
Baltic Fleet. It was UK who refused Russian fleet to use Suez canal to
weaken the Russian fleet to make it easier for Japanese navy to defeat the
Baltic fleet.

When Japanese invaded China from Manchuria way before the WWII, US did
nothing. They made a move only after Japan took south china and blocked
the trading of opium to the West. The other reason why US was upset and
decided to start a war with Japan was because Japanese were producing
opium in Manchuria. This really theatend the US/UK's opium trading.

Without these deeper knowledge of the history, one should not make hasty
conclusions. I myself did not know these things, as these things are
carefully concealed to the public. But in academic history, I do not know
about in Russia but in the West, they still teach these things at the
university level.

The history of China's civil war some part of it overlaps the WWII is a
very complex one as three parties involved. Nationalist, Maoist and
Japanese. Influence came from US, UK and Soviet too. How many of you know
the historic fact that Chang Kai Shake had to visit Moscow and form a
military alliance with Stalin during the end phase of the Civil War as
US was backing up Maoist who as working together with Japanese. I learned
this from an educational video. It is a well known fact that when Japan's
PM Tanaka started to apologize for Japan's war crime in China, Chairman
Mao told him not to apologize as Japan helped him to kick out Nationalist.

Yes, Japan did medical experiments on Chinese citizens for example as
Germany did to Jews. CIA did it to Canadians! Just like Nazi doctors,
Japanese doctors who carried out this inhumane act were not charged for
any crime in exchange for the data. Indeed many of them were invited to US
medial institutions to continue the research. Many others gained top
positions in Japan's medical community. What do you know about history?

If you are interested in genuine discussion, let me know. I will discuss
with you not as opinions as you are doing but as serious genuine
discussions. There a a lot of facts which have to be brought in. As an
academic I am sure you will be interested in factual discussions. I do not
jump into conclusions hastely. We are not playing opinion poll as you


My response to him:

Dear Prof. Akira Kanda

Thank you for your reply. Just a few remarks:

a. You wrote: "The day Japan surrendered, the leader of Indonesian National
Army Gen. Sukaruno declared the independence of Indonesia to prevent Dutch
recolonizing Indonesia." Sukarno was not a military general, he was one of the academia educated by the Dutch govt.

b. You gave a false portrait that Japanese army was liberator in Asia. The truth is that during 3.5 years of Japanese occupation in Asia, including indonesia, many people were suffering and died. Many women were forced to become "jugun ianfu", whose existence were denied by the present Japan govt. They tell a wrong story on the origin of WWII to almost all primary school students. It seems that Japanese govt want to erase their military crime from the book of history.

Sorry to write the above blunt remarks, but i do not write these things out of hatred to your people.

Our conclusion along with many Indonesians is that all types of colonialism are inherently bad and parasitic, including also Japanese military occupation in our country.

Humbly yours,

Victor Christianto

Victor Christianto
*Founder and Technical Director,
E-learning and consulting services in renewable energy
**Founder of Second Coming Institute,
Twitter: @Christianto2013
Phone: (62) 812-30663059
***Papers and books can be found at:

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