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Why should we read the Bible?

Dear prof. Akira Kanda

In response to your question:

a. There is a whole subject of hermeneutics in order one can decipher the biblical message properly. There is a good and reliable book such as Matthew Henry concise commentary

b. there are biblical parts which have direct meaning, and there are passages which are not. You need genre analysis for poem/apocalyptic books like Job, Psalm, and Revelation.

c. Even with the help of such commentary books, at times reading bible is difficult, but then we can ask in prayer to Holy Spirit to guide us. Because He was the ultimate inspirator of the bible.

I know you have a position that the bible was human result, but back then we already agree that it was inspired by Holy Spirit. All catholics also admit the bible as Dei Verbum...

So, if you really want to be a good ChrIstian like in early church time, you should better spend sometime to dig its message, and pray to God so He will grant you the blessing to listen and comprehend to His voice.

Only then, I wish, you can start to do what is God's will in your life... Perhaps you are the only math person who stands in the right way to redeem logic and foundations of math. Perhaps you only need a paper to do so, not a whole book which is time consuming.

I do not mean to judge you, because your eternal life is up to you.

I just comment to you, that is it illogical if you want to say that you are fervent christian but you deny God's guidance to you in the form of Holy Spirit and reading His book.

Btw, I wrote this out of my own experience. Years ago I also omitted reading bible, but later on ai began to put more respect to what Holy Spirit said to the prophets etc. And I pray for you so you can understand the bible according to His will, just pray and ask for His guidance.

But it is really up to you.

Humbly yours,

Victor Christianto
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On Feb 17, 2017, at 1:26, "Akira Kanda" <kanda@cs.toronto.edu> wrote:

Victor, my question is simple. If one reads the bible and your
interpretation of the bible and still can not understand the message of
God, it is this person's fault or your fault? You do not need to degrade
yourself by being rude and judgemental. Just give me some answer. We are
here to discuss.


Dear Prof. Kanda

Please check:


Victor Christianto

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