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On wave-particle duality

Dear Victor and Siegfried,

It was Prof. Tomonaga who said that when a theory is in crisis [like now],
we must go back and trace the history of the development of the  theory to
understand how the theory was developed.

It is my view that the most fundamental issue with QM is that of
wave-particle duality. This problem arose from two historic events:

(1) Double Slit Experiment.
(2) Black Body Radiation.

Regarding (1): They claim that QM succeeded in explicating this mystery of
Double Slit Experiment.  Their argument uses the Uncertainty Principle
which says that when a particle is localized it turns into wave. The
higher the resolution of the localization, the more particle nature turns
into wave nature. According to them the rather low resolution of the slit
on a wall is enough for a particle to loose its trajectory. This claim is
demolished by the Wilson Chamber in which particles localized at the
resolution of the size of water molecule which is much much much much ...
much higher resolution than that of the slit on the wall still exhibit

Regarding (2): As Planck himself said, hf=e is just a mathematical trick
to do curve fitting in the black body radiation problem. He said that it
has no ontological relevance at all. Upon this hypothesis, Einstein built
the idea of photon which has rest mass 0 and which moves with speed c.
Using his Special Theory of Relativity, Einstein concluded that such
particle called photon should have energy 0/0. So, he obtained 0/0=hf.
However as I showed this is a mathematical contradiction:

(0/0)xhf=(0xhf/0)= 0/0=1.

Moreover Suntora showed that the reason why they had the problem with the
black body radiation was because they used harmonic oscillators to model
the problem. When monochromatic oscillators ware used, the theoretical
curve and the experimental curve matche perfectly. So, as Planck said,
there is no ground to justify the  e=hf and we do not need it at all

So where does all of this lead us. QM is a totally useless and totally
wrong theory. Never mind the inconsistency of QM.

Regarding the wave functions and wave equations. As I pointed out, a wave
equation is a particle  differential equations and so have infinitely many
solutions. It is unreasonable to expect that a property which is conserved
under the spacetime coordinate transformation  for one particular solution
(wave) can be preserved to all solutions. So, there is nothing wrong with
that Galilean transformation does not transform wave equation to wave
equation. I do not understand why Lorentz panicked when he observed that
GT of wave equation is not an wave equation. So, why do we need Lorentz


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