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Open letter to President Donald J. Trump

Dear President of USA, Esteemed Mr. Donald Trump
A Man of God
Washington DC


Today, I watched CNN channel, and there is news on you meet and greet Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. I appreciate your move to back away from UN's resolution to force Israel to get into two state solution.
I admire you both as two of the countries which God favor in this world, and stay in His blessing.

Moreover, I also plan to travel and meet some professors in physics in Israel, but unfortunately I cannot find any support from govt here, because our country formally does not have any diplomacy relationship with Israel.

Now, allow me to ask you a favor: Would you be so kind to arrange for me in order I can travel and meet with those professors in Israel.
My plan is to discuss and do some extensive research with them in particular in areas such as cosmology, theoretical electrodynamics, and also low-energy nuclear reaction.

I am sure that the fruits of our discussion may be found useful not only for Israel or our country, but also for America and the entire world.

Enclosed are some papers written by me and some other scientists, and also my CV for your perusal.

I also plan to arrive there in order to do some preparations for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, especially for the people of Israel.

Hopefully you would like to consider this small request to you as POTUS.

We love you all nations, but time is very very limited. Be hurry to repent and receive Jesus Christ. Find a guide to help you repent and receive Jesus Christ, in this link Print this guide, copy as many as you can, and distribute this to as many countries as you can, including Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. Pray and ask to God first before you select a language for your country. That is the message: be hurry be very very very very very hurry to repent and receive Jesus Christ, all corners of the world. 
Don't you know that Jesus Christ will come again soon? That is why you should be hurry and quickly to repent and do your repentance. Tweet this message quickly and distribute this message to as many countries as you can including to all your friends quickly, quickly, quickly today. Follow Jesus only at
Send this message quickly to all your colleagues and to all your friends. Thank you, Jesus Christ already helps you. 

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