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DNA: particle or wave?

DNA: particle or wave?

a. Dear Victor,

I happened to read your short paper
written with Akira Kanda.
Although the topic of Creation was debated for many centuries, it seems nowadays clear that the problem was SCIENTIFICALLY CLOSED in 1957, by the discovery of DNA: which is a volume of coherent information comparable to Milton's Paradise Lost, or, even better, to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Nobody could dare to say that they were self-written.
The rest of our chaotic Universe, omitting LIFE, could leave some doubts. Not so DNA.
This is SCIENCE, not FAITH.

Best regards,


My response:

b. Dear Adriano

Yes, the case is closed since 1957. That is the mainstream dogma held by most biologists until now.

But do you follow attentively research in molecular biology? Research is abound showing that DNA has wave character.

See this paper summarizing a novel theory by Prof. Luc Montagnier, a nobel laureate in medicine for his discovery of hiv virus:

See also

To me, the issue is similar to the old problem of choosing between corpuscular model of particles (Newton) or wave model of particles (Huygens).

Old quantum theory sees light both as particles and wave.

Electron may also be seen as particle and wave.

The solar system can also be seen as corpuscular or wave. I was studying a wave model of the solar system since 1997.

Beginning in 2014, I also developed a wave model of the Universe, based on fractal vibrating string.

So, if we can consider the Universe as wave, then why not our body or DNA? They can have wave character too

Some of your papers start with De Broglie matter wave hypothesis. To me it is an ambivalent view.

The truth is everything is wave, including DNA.

But, the current dogma in molecular biology only promotes corpuscular model of DNA, with complicated technology to alter or improve or recovery DNA from damages.

But in wave model of DNA, may be it is as simple as playing the right frequency to alter or repair DNA.

Of course, that is not the mainstream view, because wave model of DNA is prohibited by pharmacy industry.

Prof. Luc Montagnier was banned and stigmatized because of this breakthrough.

Last year, I also presented my proposal of non-particle model of DNA to a compettion by pharmaceutical supplier, and of course my proposal failed.

The conclusion: it is true that 1957 discovery by Watson and Crick was a great breakthrough, but it is only part of the whole picture, because the reality is that the wave character of DNA will reveal more breakthrough rather than corpuscular model.

I offer you to read the above review on Luc Montagnier, and I can also send you link to our paper on non-particle model lf DNA and possible implication of cancer research.

If you are interested, perhaps we can write a paper together on this topic..

ps: i am also interested in whole view of human being, based on pneumo-psycho-somatic view..It will lead to many breakthrough in psychotherapy...

What do you think?


Victor Christianto

Victor Christianto
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