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How you can get a ticket to heaven

How you can get a ticket to heaven

Shalom, some people ask about how to get a ticket to Heaven, especially in this time when the Second Coming is near.
Just few days ago, there was a question by a young person named Harry from USA. Our conversations are summarized as follows:

- Harry: Peace in Christ, dear sisters and brothers. On highway, one sister from USA asked me: my spirit is full of sins, so how can i become ad a child and enter the heaven? If we do not become as a child, can we enter the heaven? Dear sisters and brothers, what is your opinions? Can you share your views with us?

- me: Dear Harry, tell your friend that to become like a child, she should repent, ask for forgiveness then invite Jesus to come to her heart. She should believe that the blood of Jesus can wash away all her sins. This is called "born again." Read John chapter 3. And pls find a guide to help her repent at

- Maureen: hello Mr. Harry and everyone... Being a child of God is continue action. Everyday we trying even we are always falling. But we always have to try and do what God wants to us to do. It is not only about being 100% good. It is not too about trying to enter the heaven. Because a child of God is not about it. But your action.

- Harry: dear friend, thanks for your sharing, but I don't think that the blood of Jesus can make us be a child, because the Lord Jesus said: we should become as a child, not said that His blood makes us be a child. We should pursue to be a child, not the blood. The Lord Jesus's blood can forgive our sins and than give us a chance can be a child. What do you think of my view, my friend?

- me: Harry, what I meant was one cannot be a child again, unless it is given to him/her. All is grace. Read John chp. 3, that was the question of Nicodemus. The answer by Jesus is that one should be born again. It is as simple as that: repent, ask for forgiveness to our Father in heaven, then pray and receive Jesus. Being a child is not a result of our works, that is why it is called Gospel (Good news).

- Harry: born again can enter the heaven, it is true. Nobody doubts it. But do you know what is true born again, is it as simple as your thinking? Do you think that your understanding and knowledge is pure?

- me: Dear Harry, greetings to you. Thank you for your comments, they made me thinking what are your objections.
First of all, let us return to your initial question. You told us that you met a woman (or a girl?) who admits she is a sinner. And she asked you which way to go to heaven? And whether she will be forgiven?
We also read some answers in this group who advise that to enter to heaven, one should be 100% perfect.
Well, that is one answer, but if we talk like that to a man or woman who really admits they are sinners and they are willing to repent, does it mean we will repell all of them?
I agree that the standard of Jesus is very high. Only a true perfect person can meet His standards. But we should also understand that God is also full of grace, and He offers eternal life to whoever regrets their sins and believe in Jesus. That is the true meaning of Good news: salvation is for free! Read John 1:1-14.
And if you think that the above teaching is from me or NT writers like St. Paul, it is not true. Read the phrases from Isaiah 53:3-5.
Read carefully "with his stripes we are healed." this prophecy came into reality when Jesus is crucified. That is the essence of theology of cross (crucis).
Pls be noted that it does not mean that I lowered Jesus's standards. But you should know the differences between:
a. Getting in
b. staying in

Getting into relation with Jesus is always free. It starts with a leap of faith, just like the story of Zaccheus and other tax collectors who befriended with Jesus. All of them were sinners by your standards.
Staying in is the process to become a true disciple of Jesus. We should work hard through our life time to become 100% pure and holy just like Jesus Himself.
If we mix up between the requirements of getting in and staying in, we will get into a trap, either to lower the standards of Jesus, or to create unsurpassable high criteria which nobody can do.
Hopefully you will find the above explanations useful.


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