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On Biblical principles of economics

On Biblical principles of economics

Dear Prof. Akira Kanda,


You wrote repetitively which seem to indicate that you denounce the whole free market system, which is called "capitalism." You draw a picture that makes capitalism looks like a robbery at grandious scale. But you forgot that it was not Adam Smith who first coined the term "private property," at the core of free market. It was Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic scholar, who proposed the term.(2)**

Biblical teaching
According to Steve Elwart*, it is possible to find biblical teachings on various economics issues.
In short, free market system seems to be endorsed by the Bible, while socialism is more like theft.(2)
However, it seems plausible that many professors of economics studies such as David Korten, began to seek where the problem lies inside the economics theories. He proposes a new story for a new economy.(3)(4)

So it seems that the entire economics study needs a kind of overhauling.
What do you think?

*Steve Elwart can be contacted at Steve.Elwart@studycenter.com.
**this is the best information that I have until now. If you have different info on who was the originator of capitalism, be it Jewish scholar or Finnish Lutheran, would you mind to inform me the name of that priest?... Thanks

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(5) Rod Hill and Tony Myatt. The Economics anti-textbook. Excerpt at Url: http://www.twill.info/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/the_economics_anti_textbook.pdf



1. "Akira Kanda" <kanda@cs.toronto.edu>: Mar 28 02:11PM -0400


"The economies of the world are in crisis. It seems as if every country is
in debt to every other country. How has the world gotten into the state it
is in?" Steve Elwart

To my understanding, before the removal of Gold Standard, there was no
serious monetary crisis Elwart is talking about. More over, it is not
accurate to say the debt is among nations. Nations do not exist anymore.
Everybody is in debt to International Banking Cartels (IBC). Now even the
government owes money to the IBC because of the world wide Federal
Researve System. When a government wants to print money, the government
has to borrow money to do that. The IBC earns a lot of interest for that.
No governmentr represent people anymore. Under this "scheme", mathematics
is reduced to statistics and computer science is reduced to PC's, physics
became the fort of Hawkins, Penrose etc.

I am not terribly sure where all of this nonsense was predicted in the
Bible. I know one thing: Calvin said "If you do well in the Capitalism and
become rich, it is a clear indication that you are predetermined to be
saved by God." All of this insult to Christianity started with Luther who
in the end condemned Calvinism saying "Money is evil." Swiss must love
Calvin as they are the most saved people on earth.


2. George <george@globalgreenbuilding.com>: Mar 28 06:57PM

The economic situation was started decades ago. The problem came when the biggest of the big companies and banks, realized that it was faster and cheaper to get money from small consumers that it was from large companies. Also the return could be substantially larger than compared to the big companies that had several options in getting big funds. The big companies held the rates to a minimum but the common person that had no access to "Extra Funds" and did not know that they could buy a large TV or new car even if they could not afford that was primed for the scam. This took decades to collapse but when it did there was no other place to get the funds for the big companies but the federal Governments and that then through the entire world into the biggest depression sense the 1929 fall.
The idea of a company "To Big To Fail" was born and the biggest of the big companies saved their own asses at the expense of destroying the worlds economies. The fact that anyone bought the idea that we must have big companies is the one thing that will destroy the world every time.Companies have one goal and that is not to help others. It is to increase profits at all costs. We must stop the madness of thinking that we have to have them.... George Van Hoesen
Global Green Building LLC
417-496-3036 cell
Director of Research and Development
NewTeran Solutions LLC
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3. "Akira Kanda" <kanda@cs.toronto.edu>: Mar 28 09:46PM -0400

Loaning money to "small people" came in as also a tactics to promote
America's exceptionalism stance worldwide. It was a daughter of President
Reagan who addressed in the meeting of the International Women's Day in
the 1980's that USA is the most liberated nation in the world leading the
role of freeing women resulting in giving credit cards to women. It is a
historic fact that modern (second wave) feminism was orchestrated by CIA.
So, it was a world wide manifestation of American exceptionalism.
Definitely it was a new form of Pyramid Scheme which ruined majority of
the people and western economy altogether while making the top
unprecedentedly rich.

In Japan, once the most powerful companies, Toshiba, failed. They did not
know that US government knew in advance the 3/11 and resulting Fukushima
"accident". The earthquake was the only one which produces no transverse
wave in recorded history. It had three epicenters, one of which was right
next to Fukushima. Just before the 3/11, Toshiba under very strong
pressure by the US and Japanese government bought Westinghouse (only
civilian nuclear power plant business) from the US and Japanese
government. The catastrophic failure of nuclear power plant business
completely cooked Toshiba. May be Toshiba was not big enough.

It is quite clear that we humanity are under the dictatorship of those who
are "exceptional or superior".


4. "Akira Kanda" <kanda@cs.toronto.edu>: Mar 29 04:18AM -0400


It is interesting that the "democratic defender of human rights" who dare
to bomb other countries for the protection of "human rights" as usual fail
to come up with even a single coherent explanation of what happened in
Paris a few days ago. This one of the worst human rights violator country
with the name of France who did despicable things in her colonies for 500
years now murdered a Chinese man just because he was a Chinese, an
Oriental in Paris. This country who call her critics haters, racists
murdered a Chinese for no reason and have not even started investigation.
Have not even apologized a single apology. This is totally expected
considering what they did in North America, Vietnam, Cambodia, ... and
Africa. They did all of this in the name of Christian God. Well, I was
told that France after murdering their king became "democratic"
"humanitarian" society. The model of Western democracy! But their crime
against humanity intensified after the US plotted French Revolution. EU is
lead by those totally unrepentant racists haters, such as Germany, France,
Belgium and Holland who have outstanding historic record of white
supremacists tradition committing genocide of non white races everywhere
on this planet.


5. "Akira Kanda" <kanda@cs.toronto.edu>: Mar 29 09:02AM -0400

Regarding Britain,

UK pushed opium to China for trading. This made so many Chinese addicted
to opium and China's government protested. For that UK sent troops and
Navy to attack and defeat China. UK stole Hong Kong for 150 years. Just
until they had to return Hong Kong to China, UK gave no democracy to Hing
Kong. Even basic election did not exist.

Just before returning Hong Kong to China, to give political pressure to
China, UK gave limited democracy. This is yet another case of white
supremacist policy by the West.

As long as these shameless white supremacists countries continue their
shameless racist policy against non white race, they will be remind what
they have been and what they have been doing for the last 500 years. These
thugs have nerve to preach human rights! These racist thugs, haters have
not even issued official apology to the victims.

Concluding note:

All of the above responses do not even touch the subject of Biblical principles of economics. But at least we got to something to begin with.

Perhaps all countries from West to East share the same common thing: that all nations should repent and return to biblical principles for finding insights for handling economics matters, both at national scale ans international levels.

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