Senin, 21 Mei 2018

Announcement: Marriage Supper of the Lamb

Dear all beloved sons and daughters of God Almighty


Many Christian people seek a simple and clear guide to enable them to prepare their families and also themselves for Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

yesterday I just found a very good book to guide all of you in these dark days before the Rapture and Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

the book was dictated to Susan Davis by the Holy Spirit. The title is:

"Marriage Supper of the Lamb."

So, I decide to put the complete translation of this book in Bahasa Indonesia.

For those who prefer to read in English, please check:

Hopefully you will find this book useful. Don't just be a prepper, instead ask Holy Spirit what you should do in order you and your family can live in holiness before God.

Date: May 22nd, 2018

humbly yours,

Victor Christianto
Founder of the Second Coming Institute

We love you all nations, but time is very very limited. Be hurry to repent and receive Jesus Christ. Find a guide to help you repent and receive Jesus Christ, in this link, Print this guide, copy as many as you can, and distribute this to as many countries as you can, including Asian countries such as China and Vietnam. Pray and ask to God first before you select a language for your country. That is the message: be hurry be very very very very very hurry to repent and receive Jesus Christ, all corners of the world.
Don't you know that Jesus Christ will come again soon? That is why you should be hurry and quickly to repent and do your repentance. Tweet this message quickly and distribute this message to as many countries as you can including to all your friends quickly, quickly, quickly today. Follow Jesus only at
Send this message quickly to all your colleagues and to all your friends. Thank you, Jesus Christ already helps you.

Find ebooks written by Jesus:,
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and follow Jesus only at

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