Calling all stations

Calling all stations
Introduction to The Johannine Cosmology

Text: John 1:1-18

Science has become a religion of its own. Universities and colleges all around the world are its temples where people come to worship the "gods" of science. For example, the "gods" in physics include Planck, Einstein, Bohr, Schrodinger, Dirac, Heisenberg etc. There were many people who refused to worship these gods, and they were expelled or dismissed as "rebels" or "dissidents". The worst kind of those rebels are called "heretics." Here allow me to tell you a story of a dissident.

Early days
I should admit here: that for some time in the past I have fallen to become such an idol worshipper, especially in the period between 1997-2014. In 1996 I bought a book edited by Wojciech Zurek with title "Complexity, Entropy and the Physics of Information", published by Santa Fe Institute (Addison-Wesley, 1991). Since then, practically I was very enthusiastic on various interpretations of Quantum Mechanics. I then read several books on QM, including Alistair Rae's book. (15)
After around six years of independent study in wave mechanics, I decided that time has come to put my ideas in writing. In 2002 I submitted my first paper to Apeiron editor, but it was rejected soon. I forgot about the title. Then I put more effort to write a quite speculative paper, based on hypothesis that the solar system can be modelled as quantized vortices of superfluid helium. Using this new model which is essentially a Bohr model of atom applied to solar system, I made a desperate effort in the form of two things: (a) predicting a brown dwarf companion of the Sun with negative mass about equal with the Sun, (b) predicting three undiscovered planets in the outer orbits of the Solar system, beyond Pluto orbit (at the time of writing, no such planet was discovered by astronomers). 
The reviewer of this paper was Prof. Robert Kiehn, and he was so kind to read my often confusing English expressions. I am indebted to him, because he was the first person who gave encouragement to my endeavor. After editing and rewriting this 43-pages paper for about one year and a half, finally the editor of Apeiron received my paper for publication. It was published in January 2004 (12).
To my surprise, around four months later I read an online news telling that a new planetoid beyond pluto was found, dubbed as Sedna. It was discovered by Michael Brown and his team of astronomers from Caltech. I then rushed to my old desktop pc to calculate its orbit and to compare it with my prediction back in 2002, and I found that Sedna's orbit is very close to my prediction. Then I quickly wrote a paper discussing Sedna finding. This paper was received and published in Apeiron's July 2004 edition (13). See also an updated paper (14).
After what may be called a beginner's luck, I felt so motivated to continue my investigation on quantum mechanics, especially in deterministic QM with quantum vortice interpretation of wavefunction. These early period investigations have been documented in several books and papers***, including in Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, 2006 (11).
Over those early years, I have learned from many interesting persons, including but not limited to Prof. Brian Josephson, Prof. Carlos Castro, Prof. Mat Pitkanen, Dr. Jack Sarfatti, Prof. Florentin Smarandache, Dmitri Rabounski etc. Almost all those people whom I knew via email conversations have one similarity, i.e. they were dissidents and were completely or partially blacklisted by,**** the online "temple" of mainstream physics, especially it is a place to worship high energy physics.**
In 2005, through email discussion, Prof. Brian Josephson (Noble laureate) suggested a name for our new alternative preprint server, that is Since may 2005, then I became administrator of I administered beside my daily profession until 2009 when for some reasons, my admin password was compromised, so I cannot continue administering that preprint server. 
Fortunately, a colleague told me that a new preprint service has just come to appear, i.e., administered by Dr. Phil Gibbs ("vixra" is "arxiv" read backward). Then I asked him whether he would like to host our files in After he accepted, then I tried my best to recover and send these files of almost 300MB to a friend in Germany, who then downloaded the files and burned those files into a disc. Thereafter he mailed the disc to Phil Gibbs in England. That is why until now you will find some papers in with small notes that they were recovered from

(Note: If you want to verify this story of, you can contact Prof. Carlos Castro Perelman at, or Prof. Florentin Smarandache at

Moment of enlightenment
Around October 2009, in a prayer Jesus Christ called me to become His servant, and one of His instruction was I must return to my hometown. Then I went to my hometown in East Java, and began to serve in a local church where I grew up with. In 2011, I decided to equip myself with a formal education in theology. In those years I was quite busy with other things, so practically I left behind science stuff. I guess I should leave science behind me, that at a point I did not answer back when Prof. Florentin Smarandache called me in phone.
But gradually I found a balance in my life, so I tried to write some papers again since. I also compiled a few books on astrophysics with Prof. Florentin Smarandache. 
Then I came to a point that my theology education was almost completed, so I can return to former fields of interest: cosmology and astrophysics.
Around May 2014, when I was travelling in a bus, then a thought came to me: what is the power behind a worship song? It came to me that it was frequency which has power to turn even the walls of Jericho to ruining. This was my first moment of enlightenment.
The second moment came around that time (may-june), when I found some papers by Dr. George Shpenkov (, who was able to show convincingly that there are many errors with Schrodinger equation. So I concluded that it was not only the mistake of Max Born who introduced probability interpretation of quantum mechanics, but Schrodinger himself made serious errors too in deriving his then famous equation. 
Then I wrote a paper reviewing Schrodinger equation and classical wave equation, that paper was published in Prespacetime Journal, july 2014 (16). Although I agree with Dr. Shpenkov that classical wave equation is better than the Schrodinger equation, it does not mean that I agree with his dialectic philosophy.
Gradually, I came to think that frequency and wave were also important at the time of creation, therefore I began my study into an interpretation of Cosmic Christology through the Johannine prologue (John 1:1-18).

Cosmic Christology
Cosmic Christology is a basic Christian doctrine that was often debated during the past 40 years. Cosmic Christology is deeply related with the Cosmic Christ who is the universal but inclusive Savior. (1)
The biblical teaching on Cosmic Christology was a legacy of the faith of the Early Church, and this teaching was told in Jesus hymn in the Johannine prologue and the prologue of St. Paul's letter to Colossians (John 1:1-18; Col. 1:15-20), see also Christ hymn in letter to Philippians  2:6-11.
Besides, there are also some texts which were often referred in the Old Testament; these texts indicate the personified Wisdom of God, who acts as the agent of creation. And this character was then used for Jesus Christ. (Proverbs 8:22-31; Wisdom of Solomon 8:4-6; Sirakh 1:4-9).
There are also extra-biblical sources which can be referred, such as the Son of God text of Qumran (Bereh di El, 4Q246). Such a text indicates messianic hope of Essene people, and that hope was very close to the faith of Early Church toward Jesus Christ. 

Several implications
That is why, one of my focus of research in the past 3 years until now was to find implications of Cosmic Christology in the context of physics and cosmology. That idea was motivated by the fact that there has been a serious tension between science and theology, after they were separated especially since Galileo Galilei was put into isolation by the Church. One of the books which has inspired me was by Tollefsen which discusses Christocentric Cosmology.(3) My investigation has led to several hypotheses, five of them will be discussed shortly below:

(a) Jesus Christ is the Word of God, and He is the agent of God during the creation of the Universe. Because word means voice, and voice means sound, and sound means wave and frequency, then this thought led us to a hypothese of the existence of primordial sound in the early time of creation (6). Perhaps such a primordial sound will be verified later by Cosmic microwave background radiation observation (CMBR). See for example (8).
(b) another thought is that (electromagnetic) wave and frequency are very influential to begin each life of creatures. It appears that such a hypothese was supported by experiments carried out by Prof. Luc Montagnier et al on the wave nature of DNA; (4)(9)
(c) that tought on the wave nature of the Universe also led to a wave model of superconductor electrodynamics. In physics, conductor is matter which can transmit electric current, while superconductor is matter which can transmit electric current at zero resistance. My hypothese on superconductor electrodynamics has been presented in a paper published last year in IJET (5);
(d) frequency may also be used to develop a novel approach of cancer therapy  (7);
(e) the light particle which was dubbed as photon has also the wave character. The photon wave can be loaded with information (bits), and according to some experiments on lab, such a method is potentially capable to improve the wireless internet capacity significantly, possibly at the order of 100-160 Gigabits per second.  But this method needs to develop further before it can be used as practical technology (10).

(Note: if the readers are interested to carry out further investigations on one or more of the above directions, you can contact me at email:*)

Concluding remarks
I hope that I have told my story with clarity. It should be clear that I began as a dissident in the same temple of Quantum Mechanics, but gradually I turned out to refuse to worship those "gods" of mainstream physics. Instead, I decided to develop a new path where science and theology can meet.
Hopefully the above story will inspire many more young students and graduate students alike to return to God, instead of wandering around from one temple to another, only to find many kinds of deception over and over again.
I also wish that I already presented my interpretation on Cosmic Christology based on the Johannine prologue, albeit not a complete one. 
As a last remark, allow me to cite Psalm 19:1-3

    1  "The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork. 
    2  Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. 
    3  There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard. "(KJV)
May God be with you.

versi 1.0: 26 maret 2016, pk. 8:53; version 1.1: April 14, 2016 (21:55).

**I sincerely do hope that someday administrators will change their draconian policy and cumbersome submitting procedures. Fortunately there is news that they are now conducting an online survey (dated 6th april 2016), so I hope that many dissidents like me can submit papers without being rejected by
***Check our books in pdf version at the homepage of Prof. Florentin Smarandache,
****Check, see also Against the Tide book at

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